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What is SleepBoards

SleepBoards offers an online review portal for the Sleep Medicine Practioners (Doctors and Technicians) to review for and more importantly PASS the Sleep Medicine Board Exams or the Sleep Technologist PSG examination, respectively. SleepBoards was created by practicing Boards certified Sleep Specialist to offer a truely premium question database, coupled to a personalized exam platform that sharpens and reenforces your learning. Get your FREE DEMO acccount, then view the site content and only when your ready JOIN.

Why Choose SleepBoards?

1. Best Price Value

  • Best Price Value, don't believe check out the competition and then see our pledge!
  • 520+(growing) Unique question database for Sleep Medicine Boards!
  • 160+(growing) Unique question database for Sleep Technologist PSG exam!
  • All questions written and curated by current Boards Certified Sleep Medicine Specialist
  • Intuiative web-based interface [no downtime/no download] & user-friendly
  • Not a static database or ebook: Clear learning objectives & fully referenced board's style exams.
  • Free DEMO (Just Register!)

  • 2. Referenced, Premium Qbanks

  • Our Qbank categories are based on the ABIM exam blueprint(
  • The Qbank questions are fully referenced, and include detailed explanations of both the correct and incorrect choices.
  • Find a Qbank question error and we will extend your membership 1 day/per error.
  • Want to compare your performance relative to current top 100 members then view your anonymous ranking

  • 3. Awesome Learning Platform

  • Design your own Quiz based on your available time &/or choose specific sub-categories for a more focused study approach.
  • Design your own Quiz based on questions where you scored incorrect. This serves to identify areas that need improvement.
  • Design your own Quiz based on questions that were flagged (marked) during an exam or during the review session. Maybe you didn't score incorrectly but you want to further review the topic.
  • Block previously taken questions from being included in your next test.
  • Instant scoring of all tests with fully referenced explanations and suggested readings.
  • Ability to review all previous tests anytime, plus search tests and notes by keyword, score or time spent on question.
  • Ability to take notes anytime on all previously taken questions
  • Tracking of overall test performance, individual test performance, and performance on each sub-category.
  • Any taken Qbank questions can be turned into a Flash Card (Note: member accounts are already preloaded with thousands of specialty specific flash cards!)
  • Need to dig deeper, then have exam question reference(s) sent instantly to your email
  • Pricing


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